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Fast and Easy Vacuum Truck Supplies

Enquip offer a full range of vacuum truck parts, tools, accessories and vacuum supplies.

After working diligently with quality vacuum and water pump suppliers, vacuum hose / camlock / travis fitting suppliers we can now provide a range suitable to your needs all over Australia.

We have access to many parts for all vacuum truck remote controls including replacement batteries, belts & pouches, eStops and joystick controllers.

A snapshot of what we supply is listed below.

For the full list or enquiry to see if we can assist with something obscure, please call 1800 ENQUIP.

We value all our clients and offer 30 day accounts for a simple and easy ordering process.

Vacuum and High Pressure Water Supplies, Parts and Accessories

Industrial Vacuum Hose 

2" to 10" Industrial Vacuum Hose including port hose for vacuum booms or for NDD work.

Applications: liquid waste transfer, NDD slurry, abrasive rock, road sweeper hose, grain transfer, concrete pumping,
food and beverage and acid and chemical transfer.

vac hose
Vacuum Hose Fittings

2" to 10" camlok or travis fittings to suit any application.

Full female, male and clamps available in sets or as single items.

vac hose fittings
Water Jetting Hose

Sizes: 3/4" to 1" sewer jetting hose.

Pressures: 2,500psi to 4000psi

Jetting Hose Fittings

3/4" to 1" jewer hose fittings to suit any hose brand.

Suitable for all types of jetting hoses.

jetter hose fittings
Jetter Hose ProtectorsTigertales and 1" Leader hose suitable for 3/4" or 1" drain cleaning jetter hose.
Hydro Excavation Tools

A  full range of rota nozzles, NDD hand guns, NDD lances, quick connect fittings, hydro excavation hose,
NDD hose reels with pressure gauges all ready to go.

NDD Guns

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