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Dry Hire Leasing of Plant and Equipment

Enquip offers innovative equipment solutions for the waste, environmental, industrial, civil and municipal industries.

Enquip's Dry Hire Leasing Agreements adds great value and returns to our loyal clients.The value comes from the very reliable equipment and

  • fully comprehensive insurance, saving lessors the need for insurance premiums
  • full vehicle registration, saving the OPX budgets
  • full EPA registrations in your State or Territory, again saving OPX budgets
  • with fully maintained and serviced equipment provided (chassis and plant) saving your R&M budgets
  • 24/7 operator support
  • full training of operation and preventative maintenance procedures.


With all the savings above and the ability to claim the monthly lease fees shows great value in taking up the Lease of Equipment option. These saving will then increase your returns even without increasing your revenue. However your revenue will increase due to the reliability of our equipment and service to complete more jobs on time.

Enquip's Leasing periods with current clients across Australia, range from

  • 6 months
  • 12 months
  • 24 months generally.

We have rolling agreements that can be extended at anytime, so all existing lessors have first right to extended without the fear of losing the equipment at the end of their agreement. We find once our clients have the equipment, more jobs roll in and the extension is required.

Our minimum dry hire lease period is six months. We find this is a really good balance for our clients; as new contracts are short and or start with six month trial period. These scenarios are made for leasing equipment as hitting the CAPX budget without a long term works contract in place, can be devastating.

Our long term clients provide their own livery and company branding; as we ensure our equipment options are clean skins.

Our commitment to all clients is to; provide equipment options to increase your revenue and save on operational and capital budgets.

Our commitment to the equipment is that they are

  • fully maintained and serviced according to manufacturer recommendations
  • at all times clean, safe, operational and fully insured
  • full training on handover to all operators
  • all agreements are legally binding to protect all parties from any liabilities
  • equipment can be used in all States and Territories of Australia
  • the equipment delivered to you or it can be picked up.



To discuss the equipment availability and view our hire / leasing agreements, please contact us today on 1800 ENQUIP.

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