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Hydro Excavation Units

Drain Cleaning and CCTV / Camera Equipment

If you're a start up, growing business or large established business: we can help you with your drain cleaning and CCTV camera equipment requirements.

Enquip's drain cleaning and CCTV camera equipment will create a steady revenue at start up or fulfilling a new contract, without a huge capital out lay and flat-line your P&L.

Our chassis mounted, trailer mounted and skid mounted high pressure water jetter equipment will complete any task required to drain clean in residential, commercial, municipal and industrial situations.

Now more than ever, CCTV and camera is a must to complete a cost-effective survey of underground infrastructure.

Our push or Quickview cameras evaluate pipelines, manholes and tanks from street level. Contractors use them to survey pipe condition before bidding services, and documenting completed work. Municipalities use it to identify maintenance issues, avoid confined-space entry and inspect infrastructure. Transport bodies and road contractors assess culverts and storm pipe condition with minimal exposure to traffic.


Easement Reels

  • Dimensions of easement reel 1 x 2.4 x 1.5m
  • Approximately 750kg in weight
  • 25mm high pressure sewer hose at 150m in length on a retractable
    hydraulic power reel

Easement reel suitable for cleaning applications in
  • sewer mains
  • storm water drains
  • culverts

Daily and Weekly Rates available.

Municipal Combo Unit - 6x4's, 4x2's

  • 5,000ltr stainless steel Water tank
  • 6000 sludge tank
  • Rotary blower vacuums with 1,661cfm. 27” Hg
  • 6" cassette reel and vacuum hose reel overhead boom options
  • Water pump,333ltr/min @ 2,465psi
  • 85 dB(A) or below
  • Drain cleaning main hose reel 1” sewer hose for 600mm drains or less
  • 20m Vacuum hose reel 150mm dia.
  • Tool storage
  • Nozzle kits



Industrial Combo Truck Unit - 8x4

Hire industrial combination drain cleaning truck
  • 6” Liquid ring vacuum system or blower vacuum options
  • 8,000 ltr  debris tank Stainless Steel 304
  • Drain / sewer cleaning 1”, 3/4", 1/2" hose options
  • water pump options of 269lt/min @ 2,200psi or 405lt/min @ 2,500psi
  • 5,000 or 6000 litre wrap-around water tank Stainless Steel 304
  • Hydro Excavation 20lt/min @ 4,000psi
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Volvo or Scania Chassis




High Pressure Trailer Mounted Water Jetter

  • Hatz 4L40C Silent Pack
  • Hydraulic hose reel with 150m of 5/8” Sewer cleaning hose
  • 94Lpm @ 275 Bar (4000 PSI) Variable Run dry capability
  • Automatic pulsation in hose for long distances and multiple bends
  • 1,135 Litre non corrosive polyethyene tank, kerb side fill
  • Throttle, hour meter, water pressure & fuel gauge, water control valve
  • 70 litre full tank
  • Bulldog, Bomb & Penetrator nozzles, top manhole roller, tiger tall
  • Optional Wireless remote control (please enquire) 

Quick View Access Cameras

  • Doubles inspection range, 20 times more illumination
  • 3.6” color LCD, and stores up to 16 GB,
  • 12 hours of video and still images on a micro SD card
  • Wireless viewing/recording
  • Displays and records real-time video during inspections
  • Waterproof roller case with telescoping handle
  • Single operator use
  • Use on pipes 6" and larger
  • Optical zoom inspection for structural defects, relining or replacement
  • No midstream readjustment, vivid, colorful video
  • Perfect alignment and focus

Push Cameras

  • High Resolution TFT Screen
  • MPEG4 recording: plays in WinCan V7, V8 and WMP
  • Internal memory size options - 16GB standard, expandable to128GB
  • SD/SDHC card and USB memory stick storage and transfer
  • Camera Head Dia. 41mm
    Rod Dia. 12mm
  • JPEG still image capture – on live or recorded video
  • 3 x Zoom function – on live or recorded video
  • Batteries with 6 hours constant use
  • Charge CCU direct from vehicles (12Vdc), or mains voltage
Weekly and Monthly Rates.

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